10 Reasons to Be a Part of Voyage Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel Voyage
We’re excited to give you ten reasons why we think Voyage is an awesome place. As you discover Voyage for yourself, you can expect…

1. A Fresh Start , A New Beginning – many of us wish we had the opportunity to make a fresh start discovering a place where we’re accepted for who we are and can grow into who we want to become. Perhaps you went to church in the past but no longer attend. Or, maybe you’ve never been to church at all. Wherever you find yourself, Voyage is ready to help you make a fresh start. You’ll find people who are exploring spirituality, discovering truth, and growing together.

2. Real People – at Voyage, you’ll find real people; in other words people just like you. It’s not about a building, place, or organization. Our church is about people! Some words to describe people at Voyage are friendly, warm, open, accessible, and loving. Our desire is to be a relational church allowing people to come as they are and be themselves.

3. Casual Atmosphere – you don’t need to get dressed up to come to Voyage. Wear whatever you want; we care about you not what you’re wearing.

4. Worshipful Music – each week, our worship team and dynamic musicians will lead us in worship before our Lord. Our music is joyful, heartfelt, and relevant. Plan to have fun, be uplifted and re-energized for your week.

5. Practical Biblical Messages – each week creative messages from the Bible easily applied to your life will be presented. We want you to walk out of Voyage with a greater understanding of God’s plan for your life showing you how to live it out during the week. We offer verse by verse explanation of Scripture as well as topical series on relevant biblical topics.

6. Authentic Relationships – at Voyage, church isn’t just a once a week event. It’s about relationships. We’re excited about newly formed relationships developing at our church. Many people today are surrounded by people in the work place, community, and other organizations, yet few have authentic relationships or are truly known. In this, they experience “crowded loneliness”. We have created environments called “Anchor Groups” connecting people with such meaning, it changes the quality of their lives.

7. Exciting Children’s Ministry – children are a gift from God and we treat them that way! Each week, we offer children’s ministry for infants through fifth grade during the worship celebration service. Our team of teachers prepare a fun, interactive program every week. This includes; stories, crafts, games and snacks. It’s all in a safe environment. We think your kids will love it!

8. Down to Earth Pastor – our Pastor is a real person seeking to live out principles of Scripture in daily application and life experience. He desires to add value to your life by sharing his own journey of biblical exploration and discovery. He wants you to experience the life God longs for you to have, a life full of hope, meaning, and love.

9. Small Church Feel Among A Dynamic, Growing Fellowship of Friends – our church is small in comparison to some, but we’re growing. We offer the small church feel where needs will be met by loving, caring people. Our Pastor is able to offer biblical counseling and prayerful support to those going through crisis. At Voyage, you’ll find people who know your name.

10. Fun – we believe life and church should be fun. Life isn’t always easy, but living life together can be an incredible journey. Worshipful music, practical biblical messages and good relationships, now that is fun!